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Art in the Community

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A new refill shop, The Green Gram, is now open in Roman Quay, Fordingbridge. It is a community-led and community-run shop and all profits will be re-invested in the community.

Fordingbridge Art Club was asked to design a logo for the shop to reflect the community and the 'green' ethos of the business. 

A competition was held and the winning logo design chosen was by Claire Godson with Shelly Canning's painting of the shop chosen as a poster.

The Green Gram logo design by Claire Godson

Painting of The Green Gram by Shelly Canning

About The Green Gram

The Green Gram enables local people to purchase everyday food and household supplies without single-use packaging; instead reusing the containers they already own. It offers a wide range of foods, cleaning products, toiletries and household items, as well as locally made products. The aim is to make this way of shopping as affordable as possible to maximise the number of people who can benefit and also maximise the benefit to the environment.

The Green Gram is working closely with Fordingbridge Greener Living Group to engage with the community and encourage involvement. Initially, it is operating with volunteers only. All profits will be returned to the community by funding the shop or donating to local groups and charities.


Fordingbridge Art Club was asked to present designs for a proposal to give Fordingbridge an area in which to hold occasional events, such as artisan markets.

The area proposed is Roundill, behind the chemist at the entrance to the car park. During events, the area would become pedestrian only.


Art Club member, Shelly Canning, took on the project. See her colourful designs below.

tt logo.png


Fordingbridge Art Club was asked to participate in a Christmas card competition where half the proceeds from sales went to the Trussell Trust Food Bank.

The paintings were judged by Collier Dobson and the winner was Belinda Vize for her painting of the bridge in Fordingbridge.


The runner up was Paul Harding, with a painting of the High street in Fordingbridge.

Winning painting of the bridge in Fordingbridge by Belinda Vize

The High Street in Fordingbridge by runner-up Paul Harding

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