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Angela Corben

My art work is about expressing my passionate love of and connection to nature and the need to protect our fragile ecology. I aim to communicate the mood of the place and subject through the use of light and colour and simplicity of brushstrokes, being always honest to my emotions.

Sketching and painting outdoors whenever I can, gives my work a directness and impulsiveness due to the need to paint quickly, energised by heightened emotions, and the need to trust my instincts.

I like to get under the surface of whatever I paint; hence I paint landscapes which I regularly physically interact with; walking and cycling in the New Forest, in all weather conditions. I am also excited by the intense light and heat of the Mediterranean, and I have been lucky enough to lead panting holidays across Europe during the past few years, and this has opened up my palette and provided me with dramatic light contrasts.

I have a wide Art teaching career with 10 years’ experience of teaching Art in a Secondary school and 9 years of self employment where I run the ‘New Forest Art School’, teaching daily lessons and courses at Wilton and Ringwood.

Currently I am tutoring painting holidays in Europe with ‘Shades of France’ holidays, as well as offering my own bespoke painting holidays.

Phone: 01425 650859

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