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Sarah Orchard

Art has always been an integral part of my life and at the age of fifty I was able to complete a long awaited foundation course and HNC/D in Fine Art.   


My love of watercolour has been constant with their wonderful luminosity and transparency; the more I work with them the more I am addicted!


My love of pastels and watercolours, using tones, movement, colour and people, capturing an atmospheric feel within my work is linked into my use of oils and acrylics. Rubens has always inspired me with his fluid fleshy people; Degas and Lautrec, I love with their fabulous ability for simplicity, giving their work such vitality!   


I feel that I have been given a talent for a reason and gradually the purpose shall unfold!


I illustrate and write my own children's books; tutor in watercolours and oils/acrylics and am embracing the development in my artist world!


Mobile: 07818054149


Note: Images are Copyright Sarah Orchard © 2009


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